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Growing A Publicly Traded Startup


Millions of ordinary people now have the chance to become investors in a startup. Simply by shopping.

Share in iConsumer’s journey from startup to massively successful public company (fingers crossed).  Share in learning how it’s done.  Share in the outcome (because you can be an owner – a shareholder).  Share with a community of over 50,000 people, on the way to 1,000,000, in helping make your company successful.  Share just by shopping.

Every time you shop at over 2,000 online retailers, you’re rewarded with cash.  And if you own RWRDP – iConsumer’s publicly traded equity, – you make your company stronger.  Shareholder Academy helps you make the most of your iConsumer participation.  Even though you didn’t pay a penny for your stock you received before March, 2023.

You already know that your shopping helps to build the company you own.  How do you take advantage of that?  How do you understand the lingo?  What’s it like to attend a shareholder meeting?  How do you go about selling the shares you’ve earned?  What’s the first time capitalist to do?  The Academy helps you navigate the weird and wonderful world of startups AND the stock market.

At iConsumer every customer can be a shareholder, and every shareholder a customer.  You don’t sit back and watch.  You actively help iConsumer grow as you build your future: you attend shareholder meetings, you vote, you give feedback, and you tell friends.  And of course, you shop.  Shopping is the engine that drives iConsumer growth.  Growth drives value.  Value drives stock price.  You can own stock.  The stock price started out at $.045/share.  As of 11/8/18 it last traded at $.18/share.  That’s the power of a community shopping.

Ownership is the ultimate loyalty program.

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