We’re raising money – Convertible Debt Offering

By: Robert Grosshandler | September 22, 2017

Overview We’re borrowing as much as $1,000,000 from investors.  You can see our offering over at Crowdfunder, a site dedicated to matching accredited investors with companies like iConsumer that need cash to grow. The terms:  $1,000,000 in convertible debt.  Interest at 8%, accrued year one, payable quarterly years two and three. Maturity: 3 years. Convertible … Continue reading We’re raising money – Convertible Debt Offering

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Member Earned Share Issuance

By: Robert Grosshandler | April 09, 2017

Members’ earned shares (as of March 31, 2017) of iConsumer stock are being issued the week of April 9, 2017, and the record keeping for those shares is being transferred to IssuerDirect, our transfer agent. For the moment, there isn’t anything members should do, this is just a “heads up.” In about a week and a … Continue reading Member Earned Share Issuance