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Member Earned Share Issuance

By: Robert Grosshandler | April 9, 2017

Members’ earned shares (as of March 31, 2017) of iConsumer stock are being issued the week of April 9, 2017, and the record keeping for those shares is being transferred to IssuerDirect, our transfer agent.

For the moment, there isn’t anything members should do, this is just a “heads up.”

In about a week and a half (around 4/20/17) affected members should receive an email directly from IssuerDirect. It will look a lot like a bank statement. It’ll list the member’s iConsumer shareholdings, IssuerDirect Account Number, and Issuer Direct PIN. Members are encouraged to examine that statement and if something is off, please contact us for help. Normally, members should contact them directly at, but we’d like to know about any issues. Please check your spam folder before contacting us or them.

Here’s another “heads up.” In order for iConsumer to be issued a ticker symbol, we need to “close” our offering. We’re required to stop selling our stock, possibly for several months. When we start again, our expectation is to sell for a higher price. Our new member growth has been phenomenal (thanks for that!). We’re averaging over 200 new members a day now. If you’re interested in investing at today’s price of $.09 a share visit our investor page. Last year, when our member growth averaged about 62 people a day, our share price was $.045.

Once iConsumer has a ticker symbol, and is actively traded on a market (we’re shooting for the OTC QB), then there may be things you’ll want to do. We hope to all of the necessary steps to get approval done in the second or third quarter of 2017.

A frequently asked question is “Can I get a piece of paper as evidence of my shareholdings?” That is, can you get a stock certificate? And the short answer is no. Certificates are very pretty, but they get lost and are an expensive pain for the transfer agent. So iConsumer is “book entry” only. IssuerDirect, by law, is the sole keeper of the records of ownership for iConsumer.



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