Looking Forward

By: Robert Grosshandler | January 21, 2021

As I write this, a new president has just been sworn in, the Covid-19 vaccine is beginning to be delivered, and we have a divided Congress. The pundits are mixed on the results these changes should mean for the economy. Here’s what we’re planning for, our best estimation of the future as it affects your … Continue reading Looking Forward

The Power (and math) of Referrals

By: Robert Grosshandler | April 01, 2020

The most effective marketing comes from people telling people about something. That’s doubly true for iConsumer. That’s why we pay you $10 and a bunch of stock when you help grow the company you own. Each iConsumer shopper is worth around $200 (maybe more) when it comes time to sell iConsumer to some bigger company … Continue reading The Power (and math) of Referrals

You are the “i” in iConsumer

By: Kim Logan | September 10, 2018

 Invested. Involved. Informed.   I was asked recently what the “i” in iConsumer stood for and at first I didn’t have a clue.  Coming from a previous site with an “i” in the name (iGive.com) and the prevalence of Apple branded “i” gadgets and services, it seemed natural to me that our site would be “iConsumer”.  But … Continue reading You are the “i” in iConsumer

Referral Program – Sharing is Caring

By: Kim Logan | July 25, 2018

I grew up the youngest of three kids and my older siblings would definitely tell you I was spoiled.  (Maybe, I was a little!)  As my sister and I were close in age & size, we shared a lot – a bedroom, books, clothes & toys.  We were usually pretty good about it but tantrums … Continue reading Referral Program – Sharing is Caring

The power of referrals

By: Robert Grosshandler | October 04, 2016

As you might have seen, Jet.com was purchased last month by Walmart.  Over $3B went to that startup’s investors.  What you might have missed is that a bunch of folks who helped refer members to Jet.com also got handsomely rewarded. The best story of all is the fellow who became a millionaire from referring people … Continue reading The power of referrals