The Power (and math) of Referrals

By: Robert Grosshandler | April 01, 2020

The most effective marketing comes from people telling people about something. That’s doubly true for iConsumer. That’s why we pay you $10 and a bunch of stock when you help grow the company you own. Each iConsumer shopper is worth around $200 (maybe more) when it comes time to sell iConsumer to some bigger company … Continue reading The Power (and math) of Referrals

You are the “i” in iConsumer

By: Kim Logan | September 10, 2018

 Invested. Involved. Informed.   I was asked recently what the “i” in iConsumer stood for and at first I didn’t have a clue.  Coming from a previous site with an “i” in the name ( and the prevalence of Apple branded “i” gadgets and services, it seemed natural to me that our site would be “iConsumer”.  But … Continue reading You are the “i” in iConsumer

Referral Program – Sharing is Caring

By: Kim Logan | July 25, 2018

I grew up the youngest of three kids and my older siblings would definitely tell you I was spoiled.  (Maybe, I was a little!)  As my sister and I were close in age & size, we shared a lot – a bedroom, books, clothes & toys.  We were usually pretty good about it but tantrums … Continue reading Referral Program – Sharing is Caring

The power of referrals

By: Robert Grosshandler | October 04, 2016

As you might have seen, was purchased last month by Walmart.  Over $3B went to that startup’s investors.  What you might have missed is that a bunch of folks who helped refer members to also got handsomely rewarded. The best story of all is the fellow who became a millionaire from referring people … Continue reading The power of referrals