Rescission Offer

By: Robert Grosshandler | October 26, 2018

The SEC believes that iConsumer offered stock to its members inappropriately between February 13, 2018 and May 23, 2018 (inclusive).  To make sure that the shares of stock you earned during this period are yours to keep, we’ve created an offer so that you may rescind the shares and Bitcoin you earned and were awarded.  … Continue reading Rescission Offer

Letter from the CEO – June 19, 2018

By: Robert Grosshandler | June 19, 2018

What a month it’s been! First and foremost, the SEC qualified our offering on June 13, 2018.  Which means we’re able to award our stock again.  So go shop.  I firmly believe that the best way to increase iConsumer’s value is through increasing revenues and profitability. Next, consider investing in iConsumer.  You get the experience … Continue reading Letter from the CEO – June 19, 2018

Rescission Offer

By: Robert Grosshandler | June 09, 2018

As you may remember from all the places we display this information on our site, we need to have a Qualified Offering Statement in effect at the time you complete the process of earning our stock. For a long list of reasons having to do with being a pioneer, iConsumer did NOT have such an … Continue reading Rescission Offer