How do I Sell iConsumer Shares?

Follow the below steps to sell your purchased or earned (and issued) iConsumer shares:

  1. Contact your stock broker (for instance, Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Robinhood, Ally) and inform them you want to deposit your iConsumer shares (OTC: RWRDP) in your brokerage account.
  2. Each stock broker handles this process differently so you may have to complete paperwork.  Not every stock broker will accept iConsumer shares for deposit.  We are not able to keep a list of stock brokers currently accepting our shares for deposit.
  3. The transfer agent is Issuer Direct.  If you don’t have your account number and password, email them directly at
  4. If you have problems, please contact us at

NOTE – Pending/Earned Shares that have not been issued and transferred:

This process only works for shares that have been issued and transferred.  Shares that have been earned (that is, they are no longer pending) may be transferred to the transfer agent at your direction.  This requires us to have an open, effective offering (an offering that has been qualified by the SEC) that allows us to issue and transfer shares.

More info in our Knowledge Base.

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