SEC Qualification

Under Regulation A / Title IV / Tier 2 companies must go through a process at the SEC called qualification before they can sell their offering to the public.

The SEC has set forth a minimum set of information that a filing company (like iConsumer Corp.) must submit as part of their offering.  This includes, but is not limited to, things like audited financial statements, and information about key owners and employees.

This process is less expensive and less difficult than the process companies go through when filing for a Traditional IPO.

After the SEC has determined that it is satisfied with the completeness of the materials submitted to it, it will issue a statement that the offering is “Qualified”.  This is NOT an approval of the offering, or an assessment of the risks associated with the offering. This simply means that the company filing for qualification has met all of the SEC’s requirements with regards to publicly traded companies.

The process is new.  For a typical offering, we expect the process from initial filing to qualification may take 60 – 90 days.  But the SEC makes no representations as to the exact length of time this may take.

Follow on (secondary) offerings follow the same rules.