2017 1/K Filed – Annual Report

By: Robert Grosshandler | April 29, 2018

I think one of the greatest things about being an owner or prospective owner of iConsumer is the fact that you get access to our audited financial statements and our “on the record” interpretation of those statements.

We just filed our latest annual report.   You can learn a lot if you have the time to read it.  The journey we’re on, building a company together, creating a way for ordinary people to experience the stock and cryptocurrency markets, has many twists and turns.  Our filings document those twists and turns.

Offering Circular Update

Filing our 1/K was also necessary to get a qualified offering circular (Form 1/A).  We needed that 1/K filed to order to file our amended 1/A (that’s our offering circular) with the SEC in the coming week.  Once qualified, that 1/A allows us to raise more money and deliver the shares our members have earned.  As I’ve noted before, we’ve filed to sell our stock at $.15 per share, and for a little more excitement, we’ll accept Bitcoin in payment, as well as traditional cash.

Many of the SEC’s questions about our 1/A filing surround our efforts to continue exploring, and then building, a blockchain-based platform for a rewards point system.  Talk about being on a journey … we’re having the fun of being an early mover again.  Our amended filing will address their questions, as well as other issues the SEC has raised.

Help Make iConsumer More Valuable

It’s simple.  The most likely thing (but no guarantees) to make iConsumer’s stock go up in price is more members who shop more.  And that’s really up to you.  We make it easy, we even pay you to help us grow. Go recruit!  Friends and colleagues become members, they shop … you earn Bitcoin, your friends earn RWRDP and Bitcoin.  And they learn about and experience the stock and cryptocurrency markets, essentially for free.

A word about our stock price

Lots and lots of people (including me) own RWRDP because they want the experience and believe in our journey.  I want the price to go up for all of us.

The last time somebody bought our stock, they paid $1 a share.  I’m not allowed to predict where the price will go, but I can point out that these are very, very early days and that we’re very thinly traded (that is, very few buyers and sellers).  This means that ANY buying or selling has an outsized influence on the price of the stock.  It’s highly, highly volatile.

About our 1/K

Each year our staff and I work with a team of accountants (auditors) and lawyers to present an in depth and third party verified view of the financial position of iConsumer – your company.  The auditors are there to make sure the numbers and statements we present are factual, and independently verified by third parties.  It’s also important that we present the information in a manner consistent with accepted practices.

We’re also required to disclose information that many private companies don’t disclose, but should be very helpful in assisting you to evaluate whether or not you wish to continue owning RWRDP, our traded equity.

Providing annual audited financials, and semi-annual unaudited financials, are perhaps one of the most important differences you get with an SEC regulated company like ours.

In addition, your ownership is held in SEC and FINRA regulated accounts at SEC and FINRA regulated companies.  When you decide to trade, the market is SEC regulated.