The state of our market

By: Robert Grosshandler | August 11, 2022

Our relationship with retailers falls into the category of “affiliate marketing” or “performance marketing”. Amazon uses it (they call the folks who hawk Amazon on their sites “associates”). Rakuten (formerly eBates – which sold for over $400 per member) is in this market. Honey, which sold to Paypal for over $200 per member, is also an affiliate marketer. The NY Times is an affiliate marketer, via their Wirecutter site.

Walmart – 3X Rebates

By: Robert Grosshandler | April 15, 2021

We plan for this to be the first of many radically increased rebate offers – one each week On Thursday, April 15, we’re introducing a new marketing tactic. Part of the purpose of this blog is take you inside the building of a publicly-traded startup. This is something we can do that most companies can’t. … Continue reading Walmart – 3X Rebates

Updated Mission Statement

By: Robert Grosshandler | February 25, 2021

Every company worth its salt has a mission statement. Certainly every tech startup does. Sometimes they have vision statements, sometimes they talk about purpose. Slight differences, but generally they serve the same objective. It feels like something that only MBAs would love, but it turns out to be quite useful as a marketing and management … Continue reading Updated Mission Statement

Exceptional Info

By: Robert Grosshandler | October 29, 2020

Today we’re diving into the world of “exceptions”. Please forgive our attempt at a pun in this post’s title. Exceptions are just that, exceptions. They are more detail on what a store will (and won’t) pay us for. And if they don’t pay us, you don’t earn stock. And we’re all less happy. We hate … Continue reading Exceptional Info

Letter from a shareholder

By: Robert Grosshandler | July 23, 2019

We’ve been testing the stock only message for several months, and felt that, now that our stock is truly a “happening thing”, we could become simpler.

Why Exclusively Stock Rebates?

By: Robert Grosshandler | July 22, 2019

Now the time has come to be pure. Time to simplify. Time to focus on the long term that becoming an owner of iConsumer represents.

Performance Marketing Heats Up

By: Robert Grosshandler | April 29, 2019

From article: Major consumer-facing advertisers are desperate for ways to compete against Amazon…