Amazing Volatility

By: Robert Grosshandler | March 30, 2018

We’ve entered the fun zone, where iConsumer’s stock – RWRDP– is trading very, very lightly with very wide price swings.  It’s great for our egos when the price is very high, and causes great gnashing of teeth when the price is low.

March 30 2018 OTC stock quote

As I write this, the last trade (of 100 shares) was at $1.05/share.  The trade before that was at $.80/share.  The trade before that was $1.01/share.  And the first trade, not that long ago, was at $.03/share.

Some people who like trading stocks like wide price swings, they believe they can make money from playing those swings.

Other folks like more predictability and calmness in the price of their investments.

One of the interesting things to note is that many, many folks who like investing in cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin and Ether) enjoy volatility (those wide price swings).  That’s interesting, as we consider the best way to create and support our own blockchain-based rewards and incentive system.

As always, I caution folks.  Investing in iConsumer is still risky.  We’re still at an early stage.  We still need to raise more money in order to keep growing.  Our next offering is under review right now at the SEC.  Once the offering is qualified, we’ll be selling the same stock that has sold for $.03 and $1.05 per share for $.15 a share.

And as always, the absolute best way to get our stock is to shop via iConsumer.

Having said all that, it’s still pretty darn cool when somebody is willing to pay $1.05 a share for the company we’re building together.