An open letter to investors

By: Robert Grosshandler | July 22, 2018

Dear Investor –

With iConsumer having traded at $.51/share several times this past week, and $.225/share just before that, I think we’ve hit an inflection point.  Our customers certainly do.  As predicted, a higher stock price motivates customers and prospective customers to shop more.  Revenues are beginning to reflect that.

Customers and prospective customers see that stock price and they say “I can go shop and earn shares.  I should go shop more, get more shares, because this company is beginning to prove itself.”  Beginning Sunday, July 22, we’re giving them 22 days and 225 more reasons to spread the word.

Self fulfilling prophecy

Here’s what it looks like from a customer’s (let’s call her Ann) viewpoint:  Ann says “I need a new dress — ooh, Macy’s has a great one and it’s only $100.  And they’re on iConsumer.  Done and done.”   She gets 24 shares and some Bitcoin.  She’s doing the math to herself –  “24*.51 = $12.24” plus Bitcoin.  Done, done, and DONE!  We say: we just got $3 in cash.

That’s the magic behind every customer a shareholder, every shareholder a customer.

Please consider an additional investment today.  We need marketing money to take advantage of this high stock price.  While the market price today is $.51/share, just click here to invest at $.15/share (that’s the price in our SEC qualified offering).  You get RWRDP, we get customers.  More customers = more revenue = maybe a higher stock price = maybe more liquidity.  More liquidity makes it easier to sell your stock.

The Disclaimer:   I could be wrong about all of this, of course.  We’re still early stage, thinly traded, and highly risky.  Be prepared to hold, don’t expect to buy at $.15 and turn around and immediately sell at a higher price or even a lower price.  I have no idea if the stock price will go up or down.  Read the offering before investing.