April Amazon Update

By: Robert Grosshandler | May 14, 2020

Here is our monthly reporting on Amazon. In April our Amazon revenue grew over 175% from April, 2019. This growth rate is slower than in the prior month. The Covid-19 pandemic was in full force, and Amazon reduced the commission rates they pay us. Not to mention we had good results at Amazon in April, 2019. (Please read our September post for more details on why we like Amazon.)

We continued the effort we began last month to make it easier for people to use AmazonSmile in order to help in their communities, and not coincidentally help us.

We promote the link iConsumer.com/AmazonSmile. When people share that link, we get credit, but the user doesn’t have to log in or doing anything else special in order to make sure Amazon gives a charity credit (other than to choose a charity!).

Our take on the pandemic is that we have to be meaningful, easy, and optimistic. AmazonSmile helps us be meaningful in our members’ communities.

To make our lawyers happy, I’m sharing that our Amazon revenues are unaudited and subject to change. Visits do not necessarily translate into sales or revenues. The Amazon numbers historically were small, making a percentage increase easier to obtain. Now they are becoming meaningful. They are not necessarily indicative of how we’re doing generally. We don’t break out any retailer’s results specifically, but we do discuss customer (retailer) concentration in our financial statements.

There are 2,200 or so great retailers that allow us to reward you with our stock. Amazon does not. But Amazon is darn good at what they do, and so shopping there is sometimes the best thing for you to do. So we’re happy when you make that choice because it benefits the company you own – iConsumer.

Our audited annual financial reports were released last month. Those, along with our other filings, are grouped here.

It’s also good to know that when you tell friends that they can Shop Like A Sharktm, that shopping can include Amazon.



Sandra tafoya, May 14, 2020 at 1:00 pm

I want to be a share holder

Michael Payton, May 15, 2020 at 8:43 am

How many shares do I have and what are their worth!?

    Robert Grosshandler, May 15, 2020 at 9:03 am

    For shares that you’ve earned, https://www.iConsumer.com/dashboard (where you’ll the number and the current market price).
    For shares that you may have purchased via a stock broker, you’ll need to look on the materials your broker provides.

    Thanks for being an owner.

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