dealburner Launched

By: Robert Grosshandler | March 7, 2023

Curated deal site – owned by iConsumer

We’re pleased to announce that dealburner is now ready to use. A great big thanks to the folks who helped us get to this point. It still may have a rough edge or two. If you see something, please let us know here.


We’re aware that deal sites are a dime a dozen. Most of them simply copy deals and offers from other sites. One of the things that sets dealburner apart is curation. There are actual human beings who scour Amazon for great opportunities. They go beyond what Amazon tells the world about, they do actual primary research.

Our crew is finding and sharing around 5 – 10 of those hottest deals every day. We post them as we find them. Many are limited-time so check back frequently. There is a separate mailing list at DealBurner you can sign up for to be alerted to these bargains.

At any given time, there are about 50 – 100 great Amazondeals listed on dealburner.

Amazon centric

For now, our crew is laser-focused on Amazon.

Owned by iConsumer

dealburner is a separate business, owned by iConsumer. When and if Amazon pays dealburner a commission because you made a purchase, that money will end up in iConsumer’s bank account and the earnings on iConsumer’s financial statements. Do remember, iConsumer is owned by its users and is traded on the OTC stock market under the symbol RWRDP. Your purchase affects the stock price of iConsumer.

Bookmark dealburner today

When you use dealburner to shop at Amazon, even if you don’t buy one of our special great deals, dealburner will probably earn a commission. Bookmark dealburner to never forget.

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