Gosh and Golly, It’s Working

By: Robert Grosshandler | July 12, 2018

The whole point of iConsumer is to give people who have never been investors a chance at the American Dream.

While simply the experience is worth it, it’ll be even better if and when our customers and investors can actually profit from their ownership.  And that seems to have begun.

Last week, a couple of people paid $.20/share for our stock (OTCQB: RWRDP).  They used their stock broker (our fave is TD Ameritrade) to buy that stock.  They bought 100 shares each.  Market makers took note of that, and several raised their “bid”.  That’s the amount they’ll pay a seller.  At one point it was $.20/share, as of 7/12 it’s $.18/share.

Let’s say in January you bought something really nice at Home Depot.  You paid $1,000.  You got 400 shares of RWRDP.  If you sold those today for $.20 each, you’d have $80 (less brokerage fees).  That’s something cool.  You got Bitcoin too, which isn’t half bad.

Even better. Had you shopped in January, 2017, you’d probably have gotten 800 shares.  Selling today would have meant $160 (less those pesky brokerage fees).

Just to be absolutely clear.  There is no guarantee that you can sell your shares when you want to at a price you’re willing to accept.  But right now … life is good.


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