Hooray! – And Next Steps

By: Robert Grosshandler | December 7, 2016

I am very, very pleased to announce that on September 29, 2016, the SEC qualified our offering.

That meant we could take the next steps in the evolution of iConsumer.

First, we’ve begun to raise some additional capital.  You can see what we’re showing prospective investors at http://www.iConsumer.com/invest.  Feel free to become an investor.

Second, we’re taking the steps necessary to have our stock listed on the OTC market, so that our shareholders are more easily able to buy or sell our stock.  It still won’t be easy for some time, but small steps are really important.

For those who care, having our stock listed on the OTC QB requires us to be DTC and DWAC compliant (more buzz words per square inch, that’s us).  It requires us to have a market maker.  And it means we’ll have a stock symbol (Microsoft’s stock symbol is MSFT).  We don’t yet know what our stock symbol is going to be.  We hope to get a really cool one.

Third, we’re taking the stock earned by iConsumer members and transferring it to the books of our Transfer Agent.   Once transferred, a stockholder (shareholder) can instruct the transfer agent to do all sorts of things with their stock.  But there isn’t anything to do yet.

We’re feverishly working so that in January it’ll be possible for an iConsumer stockholder to instruct the Transfer Agent to transfer his or her shares to a brokerage account.  For instance, you may want your shares to be in your Schwab account, or your eTrade account.  At that point, you might want to instruct your broker to buy more iConsumer shares, or sell your iConsumer shares.

If you are happy allowing the Transfer Agent to keep track of  your shares (I am), then you’re done.  When you’re ready, the Agent will be happy to do whatever you wish.

To summarize.  We’ve been qualified, we’re now working hard to make it easier for people to buy and sell iConsumer stock.  One of those things we’re doing is the SEC mandated step of transferring tracking of shareholder ownership from iConsumer to our Transfer Agent.  We believe that in January, we’ll have the necessary approvals so that our stock is listed on the OTC QB.