Insider Information

By: Robert Grosshandler | April 25, 2019

Just a heads up. By the end of this month, iConsumer will have published its year-end financial statements (its 1/K). It’ll show the effects of Bitcoin dropping in popularity, the fact we had no marketing money to use to grow our business, and remind us that we didn’t have an effective offering (and that the SEC had said we couldn’t even talk about using our stock as a reward for shopping) between mid-February and mid-June.

Pretty hard to have a great year when your main incentive – ownership in iConsumer – isn’t available for four months. But the SEC said “no” and we listened. Adhering to the SEC rules is part of the “fun” of being able to have 1,000,000 owners.

The potential of 1,000,000 owners is also why we have a publicly-quoted stock price. It’s definitely NOT because we did a “let’s all put really big smiles on our faces through an IPO” event. We hope that event is still in our future.

It’s why I keep repeating that our stock price is sort of meaningless right now. Near zero liquidity / float. A single trade can cause the stock price to triple or halve. We’re a long-term early stage investment.

The stock price should also should go up if more people want to buy than want to sell. Which is why I’m telling anybody who might listen — now is not the time to sell.

A great measure anybody can see at any time on our site is our new member number. While there isn’t a direct correlation to our future revenue, membership numbers going up is usually better than down. Getting new members to shop, and old members to shop, means a stronger business. Which, in a perfect world, should make more people want to buy our stock. Which, in that perfect world, should translate into a higher stock price.

I freely admit that, even though it’s currently mostly meaningless, I do love for our stock price to go up (it’s way more fun than the price going down). And because our stock is so darn illiquid, getting more people who want to buy than people who want to sell might just be easier now than later.

Obviously, it’s your choice when and if to sell (or buy). But, if you ask me, I’d say “don’t sell yet”.

Just a reminder – this isn’t investment advice, there are lots of risks, and I could be really, really wrong.