Letter from the CEO – July 12, 2018

By: Robert Grosshandler | July 12, 2018

We’ve been busy this past month.

Stock market activity

I think the most shareworthy thing this month is that we’re seeing that people investing in our stock via the stock market can radically move the price.  I’ve published several blog postings that may help folks gain a better understanding of this interesting world.

The first covers price volatility in our stock (why does it go up and down so radically?).  I think the most fun post concerns watching what happens when somebody buys just 100 shares of our stock through a stock broker.  I’m personally addicted to watching our stock price.  It’s called gamification, and it was one of the things we hoped being traded would bring us.

Your investment really helps

And while we love the buying and selling of our stock on the stock market, we love it even more (and benefit even more) when people invest directly in iConsumer through our SEC qualified offering.  It’s very ordinary-person friendly, with a minimum investment amount of $250.

We’ve begun work on issuing our 2018 semi-annual financial statements.  They’ll be out before the end of September.  Until then, you won’t hear much from me on results.

Our results are very much tied to members shopping, and recruiting new members.  Please tell a friend and help us grow.

Investment update

Since we’re making a big deal out of investment opportunities, here’s why:  we have proven that we can invest money and grow your business.  One of the best indicators of that is a set of customer acquisition metrics.  I’ve done a bit of outlining of the metrics we’re sharing with prospective investors here.

We are slowly gaining new investors.  This week we’ve got a campaign launching to spread the word.  It’s never easy raising money.  What we’re working towards is raising about $500,000 in the near term.  We project that will be a sufficient amount of capital to attract a sufficient number of new shoppers to get us to a cash flow positive status.  That is, the amount of money we take in each month will be more than the amount of cash we spend each month.

If you’re interested, here’s the page with background, slide decks, and all the other stuff a good investor expects to see.

Amazon Prime Day

On the subject of shopping, Amazon Prime Day is coming.  We can make lots of money from Amazon if you choose to shop via iConsumer.  As pointed out in another blog post, that may affect our stock price (positively we always hope).  Other stores work hard to compete with Amazon during this period, so shopping anywhere via iConsumer helps you, and helps us.  1,900+ stores are there for you.

Letters to us

If you’re interested in some thoughtful questions from a member, head on over to Kyle’s questions and my answers.  I appreciate the opportunity to respond to questions, and I think we all benefit from the dialog.

An aha moment

In doing some prep work for an investor pitch, I realized that if you had shopped in the early days of iConsumer, and you sold your stock at today’s price, you’d have a 4X or even an 8X return.  Pretty darn cool.  Of course, today’s price may not be tomorrow’s price, it may be higher, it may be lower, and there may not be anybody who wants to buy at any price.

On the other hand, there may be somebody who wants to buy so badly they drive the price up.  There’s not telling, and certainly no predicting.


A big part of my job is to worry about “what’s next” and “how can it be better”.  The most recent post on the cost of transferring shares covers one of those concerns.  We need to get more liquidity into our stock, so it’s easier to buy and sell.  Lastly, and most importantly, we need to raise money, so we can attract more members, so we can become cash flow positive.

Enough reading.  Go shop.