Pandemic Pivot Update

By: Robert Grosshandler | April 30, 2020

The purpose of our pivot was to get more cash into our owners’ pockets, while still looking out for their futures. Now, more than ever, using iConsumer should be easy, meaningful, and optimistic. Here’s our snapshot of where we’re at as of today.


Our new member acquisition rate has more than doubled. It’s fun to watch the member counter tick upwards! Our member conversion rate has also increased (if you check us out, you’re now more likely to become a member than you were before the pivot).

The number of members shopping each day has more than doubled.

These improvements are a direct result of our member / shareholders (you!) telling their friends and liking our Facebook posts. We’ve also begun to test the tiniest bit of advertising, but that really hasn’t kicked in yet.

It’s also a sign that more and more people are using the iConsumer Button and the mobile apps to help them remember!


Our revenue rate has more than doubled. The amount of cash earned by member / shareholders is growing daily (it was zero before, so it’s infinitely bigger, which isn’t a really helpful number).

Our members continue to use AmazonSmile to help in their communities.


More members joining and shopping and more existing members shopping means more people are earning shares in iConsumer. They’re increasing their chances to win when we win. And they’re helping to make sure we win!

What’s next?

When we did this pivot, we knew we needed to grow twenty-fold, just to generate the same amount of cash with which to pay our bills. With the progress we’ve made, we’re halfway to that goal! So please keep on sharing. And if you need to shop, please use iConsumer. The Button and the apps make it easy.


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