Same data, different numbers

By: Robert Grosshandler | November 9, 2020

This post is just for fun and education. I like to use three different sites to watch the stock price of RWRDP. Normally, they’re exactly the same. Today, not so much.

Here’s what ETRADE shows:

Here’s what the OTC site shows (it’s my favorite today, any guesses why?):

The above image also shows why the data may be presented differently. We had two trades of the same size happen at exactly the same time. One for $.115, and one for $.15.

And just a refresher. The $.0801 Bid is the price at which somebody is offering to buy our stock, and the $.13 is the price at which somebody is willing to sell our stock. In the ETRADE example, you can also see that somebody would buy 12,000 shares at $.0801, and somebody would sell 5,000 shares at $.13.

And just to throw a third site into the mix, here’s what LD Micro shows:

Here, I like the simple graph of both stock price and stock volume.


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