Why We Do This – News and Views from Other Folk

By: Robert Grosshandler | December 3, 2018

We’re out to give the 99% a chance at the American Dream.  Every so often, there are articles that help to remind us why this is so important.  I try to read material from sources that lean both left and right politically.  Balance is good.

From my favorite left leaning blog:

84% of stocks owned by richest 10% of Americans / Boing Boing

The article is from late last year, but still rings true.  It’s been steadily declining.

From the most centrist news outlet I follow:

Why Aren’t Millennials Spending? They’re Poorer Than Previous / NPR

And lastly, the New York Times, whose business articles tend to be centrist.  This article is helpful to give some background as to why iConsumer went the crowdfunding route in building our business:

More Small Companies Avoid I.P.O.s, Sapping U.S. Economy’s Vitality

We don’t believe we can solve all the problems of the world.  We do think that the more people who are shareholders in a public company the better.  If we can help ordinary people experience what it means to be an owner, to be a capitalist — making money on their money, we’ll have a better place for ourselves and the next generation.

We’re proud of the fact that we’ve figured out how to make that experience free.  And if we can all make a bunch of money too, that’s not so bad.