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By: Robert Grosshandler | July 23, 2019

July 22, 2019

Once again I get the great pleasure of sharing an email sent to support as a way of letting all shareholders get more insight into what we’re trying to accomplish. Today’s email comes from “S”. I have changed some of the specifics to make it more general and more anonymous.

Shareholder writes: “Although I’m OK with earning stocks instead of cash, there may be members who will not be happy with this change.  I hope it will not negatively impact the program, similar to when cash was switched to bitcoin and the program took a hit.  One of the attractive features was having 3 different options for rebates (cash, stock and bitcoin) to recruit others with.  I think having more options is always better.  Something to please everybody is always better.  Anyways, just my 2 cents.”

I expect both positive and negative results, but obviously, net positive is the goal. Bitcoin was interesting, but in the end, the audience for it wasn’t large enough.

I agree that having 3 different options is attractive, lots of choice. I’m with you on that. But choice isn’t good when you’re trying to be laser-focused with your marketing messages. Several sets of marketing professionals pleaded with us to simplify. We’ve been testing the stock only message for several months, and felt that, now that our stock is truly a “happening thing”, we could become simpler.

Shareholder continued: “I’m hoping I am wrong on this, but having spoken to a couple of my referrals, they are disappointed that they will not be getting cash anymore.  I know they do not see the big picture.  They are not stock investors to begin with, so can’t blame them for their disappointment.  

Also, I would like to know if I can still cash out in bitcoin for those referrals who I am earning bitcoin forever on.  I would prefer to not convert my bitcoin to stock. “

I am certain some people will stop using us. We’ll be sad to see them go. But our message is “stock’s the thing, the future is what we’re focused on”, and we’re not right for them anymore.

We haven’t gotten rid of being able to get paid out in Bitcoin for existing or new balances. As to whether or not they’re going to continue to earn Bitcoin, that’s a question we need to address.

Thanks again for being a shareholder!



Jeremy, July 24, 2019 at 11:37 am

Not sure if this should reply this blog entry or a different one, but putting it here:-)…I am optimistic about the changes but do have some “worry” about losing shoppers due to the no cash option. Hopefully comparison sites like cashback comparison will continue to show the overall percentage via iConsumer and we get new people that way as well. As to the stock price and range, seems like it must be some early share owners who are showing sell orders sitting out there at .12 and slightly above that. So hopefully new buyers can help get over the .12 wall as I am very optimistic once it can get over that resistance (which is just some early stockowners). The fact that the technology can scale up and handle more volumes without major investment is huge as many companies never have the scale ready to go. Now we just need more shoppers to find out about iConsumer.

    Robert Grosshandler, July 24, 2019 at 11:57 am

    I think everybody reads all of the posts and comments at the moment, so where you reply isn’t so important. Not yet, at least.

    I think you’re right to worry about the comparison sites. That challenge is on our radar. At the end of the day, their importance in the overall mix will probably go down.

    We got over the .12 wall today, as I write this. The real price mover will be company results. We do well, the price should go up.

    You are so right about scale and technology. When we were testing, we had thousands of real people a day join, and the servers didn’t break a sweat. And, on top of technology, the regulatory pieces are in place.

    More shoppers = good!

Jeremy, July 24, 2019 at 12:02 pm

When I say over .12, I meant on the sell (bid price)..That is the resistance level…The ask or buy price indeed was .125 today for 400 shares..

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