Updated Mission Statement

By: Robert Grosshandler | February 25, 2021

Every company worth its salt has a mission statement. Certainly every tech startup does. Sometimes they have vision statements, sometimes they talk about purpose. Slight differences, but generally they serve the same objective.

It feels like something that only MBAs would love, but it turns out to be quite useful as a marketing and management tool. It helps to align everybody in an organization. It’s especially helpful at iConsumer, where not only do we need to align people inside of our company, but we want investors and members to all be rowing in the same direction, too.

The other day somebody in our shareholder only Facebook Group complained that we didn’t have a mission statement. Fortunately, they were wrong. Unfortunately, the fact that they were unaware of our Mission Statement means I don’t refer to it nearly often enough.

We’re getting ready to launch a new marketing campaign, and we’re using the Facebook Group as a focus group. It’s extremely helpful. Plus, there you can see me learn publicly (and probably too slowly) about Reddit and Discord servers.

Our current mission statement in all of its glory.

Joining the Facebook Group is easy. Anybody who’s made a purchase from one of our 2,300+ stores is invited to join. And if you purchased our stock, that works too. To join the group, simply apply with the email you use for your iConsumer membership and agree to the community rules. You’ll be approved shortly!


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