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Letter from the CEO – October, 2017

By: Robert Grosshandler | October 14, 2017

Overview Two highlights this month.  We made real progress on the ticker symbol front, and we successfully raised the first chunk of money in our debt offering. The one big disappointment this month … after early success with our debt offering, we didn’t make any real further progress. Marketing – Member Growth 47,454 Members! We … Continue reading Letter from the CEO – October, 2017

Accretive vs. Dilutive

By: Robert Grosshandler | October 06, 2017

One of the most frequent questions we get from prospective investors is whether or not all the stock being earned by members is accretive or dilutive.  It’s a bit of a technical subject, but it’s really important to why we’re doing this, and how’s it all going to play out in the end. At heart, … Continue reading Accretive vs. Dilutive

iConsumer Shareholder Webinar

By: Robert Grosshandler | September 26, 2017

On Wednesday, September 26, 2017 we held our first webinar around shareholder education. You’re invited to view it.  Comments and questions are always welcomed.

Letter From the CEO – September 2017

By: Robert Grosshandler | September 23, 2017

Yes, I skipped August.  Nothing much to report in the middle of the month.  But, since then, we’ve been busy! Overview Three highlights this month.  The first two have their own blog posts. We filed our six month financials: Form 1-SA. We have begun our next raise of funding, to help us grow large enough … Continue reading Letter From the CEO – September 2017

We’re raising money – Convertible Debt Offering

By: Robert Grosshandler | September 22, 2017

Overview We’re borrowing as much as $1,000,000 from investors.  You can see our offering over at Crowdfunder, a site dedicated to matching accredited investors with companies like iConsumer that need cash to grow. The terms:  $1,000,000 in convertible debt.  Interest at 8%, accrued year one, payable quarterly years two and three. Maturity: 3 years. Convertible … Continue reading We’re raising money – Convertible Debt Offering

2017 Semi-annual Financials

By: Robert Grosshandler | September 22, 2017

While we’re not required to file semi-annual financials, we think it’s a good practice to make sure that our shareholders have the ability to see how we’re doing. The filing can be found here.  And always, we have an organized listing of all of our SEC filings here. There is a discussion of our results … Continue reading 2017 Semi-annual Financials

FINRA Update – Slow Progress

By: Robert Grosshandler | August 01, 2017

FINRA is the regulatory body that should issue us a ticker symbol, the most important step on the road to being quoted on a market (and therefore, more easily bought and sold).  We began the process of getting our ticker symbol in January!  Because we’re a pioneer in the Reg. A+ space, we (and they) … Continue reading FINRA Update – Slow Progress

Letter from the CEO – July 2017

By: Robert Grosshandler | July 16, 2017

Overview Three highlights this month.  First, over 42,000 member / shareholders have joined iConsumer.  Second, our FINRA application made progress.  Third, our focus on revenue is beginning to bear fruit. Marketing – Member Growth 42,000 Members! We continued to add new member / shareholders at the rate of  around 250 – 300 per day.  Our … Continue reading Letter from the CEO – July 2017


Shop Amazon through iConsumer. Here’s why!

By: Robert Grosshandler | July 07, 2017

Every time you shop on Amazon using iConsumer, iConsumer becomes worth more.  Since you’re an owner, your ownership becomes more valuable.  Because Amazon is special, shopping there has an outsized influence on iConsumer’s fortunes. To make our lawyers happy, I need to say that your ownership in iConsumer is valued at what somebody will pay … Continue reading Shop Amazon through iConsumer. Here’s why!

Letter from the CEO – June 2017

By: Robert Grosshandler | June 21, 2017

Overview The important news this month is no real news, so this post is going to be brief.  Elsewhere I’ve written about our next raise and the success we had at our first prospective investor conference.  We’re still waiting for FINRA to approve our filing and give us a ticker symbol.  And member growth has … Continue reading Letter from the CEO – June 2017