Amazon February Results

By: Robert Grosshandler | March 18, 2021

Plus partial March results

We share these results because seeing how we’re doing at Amazon gives us some insight into how we’re doing overall. Normally, we just share one month (in this case February). But as you’ll see, the month looked terrible, so we wanted to see if that were a trend. So we’re sharing what we’ve seen for the first 17 days of March, too. Much better, as it happens. Phew. But a bit of an unexpected roller coaster.

Comparing February 2021 to February 2020, we see that our results are down. February revenue was 41% of the same period a year earlier. Our commission rate dropped slightly too. Looking back at February of last year, it was just the beginning of the pandemic, and people were beginning to stock up. But the drop year over year was huge. Even considering there was one more shopping day last year, due to Leap Year.

So we peeked at March. A different story. Just a note, all of these numbers are preliminary. Amazon may adjust them at any time (but usually not).

Comparing the first 17 days of March 2021 to the same period in March, 2020, we see that our results are back on track. Our revenue was up 222%. As I said, phew. To finish this analysis off, we looked at January 1, 2020 – March 17, 2020 and compared that to this year, same period. Up 65%.

Two points I want to drive home. First, 100% of our commissions from Amazon generate bottom line cash. Second, even though we can’t reward you directly for shopping at Amazon (Amazon won’t let us), you’re an owner of iConsumer, and improving the bottom line improves your company. So, go shop at Amazon (and the other 2,300+stores that DO allow us to reward you directly).


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