Cash is Back

By: Robert Grosshandler | November 10, 2018

Cash Back has returned, but Bitcoin didn’t go away.  Our recent survey made it loud and clear that a large number of iConsumer members and investors were more comfortable earning cash back, rather than Bitcoin.

We listened.  Beginning Monday, November 12, 2018 (Midnight Chicago time) rebates are a combination of cash (or Bitcoin) and stock.  If you continue to want Bitcoin, you’ll have an extra step to have us change your new cash rebate into a Bitcoin rebate.

Nothing else really changes.  You still get iConsumer stock with every transaction.  Once a cash rebate is awarded, it’s added to the Pending category.  After 75 days have passed, it becomes Earned.  Once you have over $25 in cash back rebates earned, you’ll be sent a check (make sure we have your address).  We send checks once a month, about the 12th of the month.  Checks can only be sent to U.S. or Canadian mailing addresses.

Rather receive Bitcoin? Once a rebate is Earned, you can tell us to calculate it as Bitcoin.  You can then transfer it immediately, or continue to leave it on our books.  Up to you.  There is no minimum to transfer Bitcoin, and no new geographic restrictions.

Existing Bitcoin rebates don’t disappear.  Once they’re Earned, you can transfer them.  And if you had a preexisting cash balance, it’ll start going up again with every new purchase.

Here’s an example of what you’ll see about a store and the amount of the rebate:

As always, we have way more detail available to you at our support portal, and we’re happy to answer any questions.  Use the “Start A Ticket” feature for fast response.

Bonuses and returns:  If you receive a bonus on or after November 11, it’ll be a cash bonus or a stock bonus.  No more Bitcoin bonuses.  If you return a purchase that was credited in Bitcoin, your account will be debited (reduced) in Bitcoin.