Save The Date – Shareholders Meeting

By: Robert Grosshandler | November 6, 2018

This past weekend I had the good fortune to be at the wedding of my cousin’s kid.  It was extremely fancy, at a suitably fancy hotel.  Amazingly full of joy.  Everybody was resplendent in their Sunday best.

Down the hall at the hotel was the 50th birthday party for an Indian gentleman.  Nobody I knew.  Obviously a very, very prosperous crowd.  Once again, everybody was dolled up.  I’m not particularly familiar with the Indian culture, but the clothing was just amazingly beautiful.  People were taking great care to look their best.

The hotel was busy.  There was another fancy party with fancy people down a different hall.

What struck me about all three groups was that for the most part, all these people were first or second generation Americans.  They, or their parents or grandparents, had chosen to seek a better life, coming to America with next to nothing.  If the American Dream is about economic prosperity, these folks were living the dream.

My kids were at this wedding.  Five years ago they helped me understand that for many people, especially their peers, achieving that dream seemed impossible.   And if they and their friends felt that way, it’s a big problem.

iConsumer was founded to give everybody a better chance at a slice of the pie.  My kids, your kids, you.  To make our small dent in the universe by letting everybody own stock, for free.  To use technology to  share the journey as well as the destination, in ways that had never made sense before.

Now it’s time for the journey to include a shareholders meeting for our 50,000+ shareholders and members. We’ll use modern technology to have our own fancy get together, but no dressing up is required.  No food or beverage cost.  We’re a frugal startup.  It’s a purely virtual meeting.  Please save the date – November 28, 2018.  As we get closer, we’ll send out a formal invite (it’ll be emailed, no engraving necessary).  We would like to know the time of the day we should hold this meeting so that we can accommodate as many people as possible.  Please vote for your favorite time today.

P.S. Are you getting married? Did you know that each iConsumer Store has a gift registry link that you can share with your guests? That way, they can buy you the gifts you want from your registry, and you’ll earn RWRDP as well.

It’s like every gift coming with a bonus dowry.

Creating registry links is simple.  Just visit this article for a quick “how-to”.