Happier New Year – Deal Site Update

By: Robert Grosshandler | January 6, 2023

As you may recall, late last year (seems so weird to write that) we sent out a survey that asked you for feedback on some domain names / possible branding we’re considering for a new deal site. To recap, we think there’s an opportunity to surface great deals that may not allow for cash or stock back. We should still be able to make money when our ever-growing audience takes advantage of these deals, but we can’t directly share that money with you.

We also believe that we may be able to leverage a deal site to create an additional new member acquisition channel, as well as perhaps just make money (& simultaneously grow the value of our company) from strangers.

Deal sites are a dime a dozen.

Deal sites that you own? Not very common (like never). Our audience doesn’t need clever as much as they want easy – easy to use, easy to remember, easy to pass along. Simple. Sweet. Targeted. We don’t have the budget to go buy and market a really cool domain name (the folks behind Honey spent oodles on top of oodles on making Honey amazingly successful). What we have is you and your insights. We also have a pipeline of deals that should be sufficiently different or surfaced faster than the hordes of other deal sites. The plan is to start slow and simple, cater to you, and then build on our success.

Survey Said:

We (meaning me) think that AI (artificial intelligence) is going to be hot, trendy, and buzzy this year. All sorts of things that would help us get more eyes on our deal site, for a very low cost. The survey reinforced what some of our team had said: not everyone likes AI. Some actively hate it.

Mock Up – Dealsby.ai

That doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea (if you subscribe to the “any PR is good PR” philosophy), but still a potential minefield. If we can avoid a minefield with something better than an AI hook, I’m all for it.

One person remarked that our marketing team should have done more research. The survey IS the research. And it is helpful. Your input is very much welcomed. Thanks.

More is Better

Mockup – AskSister.com

Because you’re an owner, and a customer, your opinion is highly valuable. There were no clear winners in the list we presented. So, we’re asking for your help again, with a shorter list, and some new names. And, since it is shorter, some mockups as to how we might present the new site. Very early concept art – nothing near final. No deals yet.

Here are the names and some tag line thoughts (click through now to rank and help guide us)!

Mockup – eyecash.com
  • asksister.com (ask sister – what’s the best deal on Crest toothpaste).
  • Dealburner.com (hottest deals at Amazon and beyond)
  • dealsby.ai (Use modern tech to save you money)
  • eyecash.com (see the savings)
  • sharkworthy.com – we hunt down the best deals

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