Marketing iConsumer to Investors – The Next Raise

By: Robert Grosshandler | June 9, 2017

As a growing company, we need to seek ways to finance our growth.  And we’re growing rapidly (we doubled in size between February and June.)

We also need to make sure that prospective investors understand us.  This helps to make sure that we’re supported in the marketplace, and potentially helps to increase our stock price.

As a public company, we need to be very careful about what we say, how we say, and to whom we say it.  Generally, we want to make sure that if we give one person or group insight into our business, we do that at the same time for all shareholders and potential shareholders.

This week, we presented at the LD Micro Cap conference.  We had three goals.  First, we’re getting ready to raise money.  Second, once we’re finally quoted on the OTC QB (maybe next month?) we want people to want to buy our stock.  And third, we’d never presented iConsumer in this kind of a setting, and we wanted to get some experience in before we’re quoted, just in case we did something foolish.

To make sure all of our shareholders have access to our presentation, here you go!

Disclaimer: Our attorney really wants everybody to know that presentations such as these involve lots of assumptions, and many, if not all, of the assumptions in our presentations may turn out not to be true. Which means that we can’t and don’t promise that our forecasts will come true. We share them with you solely so that you can understand our thinking. Be sure to read the “SAFE HARBOR” disclaimer.

iConsumer Investor Deck – June 2017 from Robert Grosshandler

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