Pandemic Pivot

By: Robert Grosshandler | April 12, 2020

Owners get 95% Cash Back (95% of OUR commissions)
Every Store, Every Day

It’s tough to think about the future and stocks and share prices when just getting through the week can be hard. We asked “what can we do for our owners (that’s you), right now?”

Turned out, the answer is simple. It’s a short-term pandemic pivot. We’re going maximum cash back, putting all the emphasis on getting cash into members’ pockets as quickly as possible, on top of stock back. iConsumer members will be earning maximum cash back at every store, every day.

What’s maximum? It’s 95% of the cash we earn on every purchase.  If we get paid 10% and can give cash back, you get 9.5%.  If we get 5%, you get 4.75%. If we can negotiate better rates from stores because of increased volume from this change, you’ll absolutely share in that victory.

Big is beautiful

We think we can grow big enough fast enough to more than make up for our smaller cut. Not only is putting owners’ interests first the right thing to do, we believe it’ll help our long term prospects, as well. We haven’t forgotten that we’re a public company and that our stock price should reflect our future. When we’re no longer worried about standing in line for toilet paper, we’ll return to our regular business model. But we should be much bigger!

95% cash back is a really shareworthy idea. So please share. Today. It’s the only way this is going to succeed big time. We need our owners (again, that’s you) to tell everybody that if they need to shop, they should be really, really smart and get iConsumer.

Easy, meaningful, and optimistic

Share this: it’s easy (using the iConsumer Button and apps), it’s meaningful (saving maximum money at 2400 stores, plus AmazonSmile via iConsumer helps charities and iConsumer’s stock price) and it’s optimistic (earning ownership with each purchase is a bet on the future).

Personally rewarding

Here’s a fourth great reason to share: when your referrals use iConsumer for the first time, you get a stock and cash bonus.

What will change, and when it will change

  • Maximum cash back starts April 14, 2020.
  • Stock back rates will change beginning April 21, 2020.
  • New member bonuses (cash and stock) will change beginning April 15, 2020 (we don’t exactly know to what as of this writing).
  • Maximum cash back will require you to have the iConsumer Button and/or apps. Change date uncertain.

Now, go tell friends. And if you’re going to shop, please use iConsumer.