Share Price Increase – $.15 to .18 per share

By: Robert Grosshandler | July 22, 2019

The Strategy Behind Raising Our Offering’s Share Price

iConsumer is the first company to simultaneously trade its shares on the stock market, allow folks to earn shares by shopping, and sell investors those exact same shares directly. We think that exciting, challenging, and confusing situation puts a damper on the ability of our stock price to skyrocket. Changing the price WE sell our stock at is one of the few factors we directly control.


iConsumer stock has begun to trade on a more frequent basis, but trading is still sporadic and the price is still highly volatile.  When it does trade, the price hovers between $.10 and $.12 per share. If you tried to buy more than $3,000 of RWRDP in the stock market, you’d probably end up paying more than $.30/share.  So people aren’t interested in buying large amounts of our stock. And that’s a problem. Our belief is that the price we charge effectively puts a cap on the market price. 

What we’re doing:

On August 1, the price of a share we sell goes from $.15 to $.18 (we can’t change the price WE sell at more than 20% easily).

On top of raising the price, we’re raising the minimum investment amount required to buy stock directly from us.  This will make buying small amounts of our stock in the stock market more attractive.

Our goals:

  • Make it easy for investors to sell their stock, hopefully at a profit, whenever they want to sell.
  • Make it obvious that it is too soon to sell.
  • Drive people to earn more stock by shopping.
  • Have enough cash to grow rapidly.

What you can do:

You can invest directly in iConsumer before the price goes up! If you invest before we raise the price, your investment will go further and you’ll own more shares. Your choice as to how you invest.  When you buy from us, we invest the money in marketing. Buying on the stock market makes investors happy, which is also a good thing.

To invest directly, visit  Want to buy our shares on the stock market. Our favorite broker is TD Ameritrade.