The Plan

By: Robert Grosshandler | September 15, 2022

Leverage iConsumer’s improving results, small float, and thinly-traded stock to position for a serious capital raise.

What we know and believe: 

  1. Our rate of new member acquisition is increasing.
  2. Our cost of new member acquisition is slowly decreasing. We’re investing about $20-25 to get each of those new members.
  3. Each of those members is worth about $200 – $400 (based on Honey and Ebates sale prices).
  4. Small float/thinly traded: there are about 3,500,000 shares held by brokerage firms, of which ~1,250,000 are held by people who won’t or can’t sell.
  5. At a low stock price, it is economically unattractive for the bulk of iConsumer shareholders to deposit their shares into a brokerage account, keeping the float small.
  6. About $225,000 buys the entire float (at $.10/share).
  7. If economics theory hold true, capturing the entire float could raise the price of our stock.
  8. iConsumer members get excited when our stock price goes up.  More members = more shoppers = more iConsumer revenue = more cash in our bank account.
  9. Increasing revenue and cash increase the likelihood that the stock price goes up.
  10. More cash gives us greater ability to invest in member recruitment.
  11. An increasing stock price increases the likelihood that investors will be interested in financing iConsumer’s growth.

The steps: 

  1. Prove that a small amount of activity can move the stock price.
    • We asked a small inner circle to make 1,000 share purchases, risking about $100.
    • Three people did this the week of 9/5. One person did this the week of 9/12. The stock price moved UP 17.5%.  The bid moved up to $.08, the ask moved up to $.095.
    • On 9/15, the bid moved up to $.086. This is an indication that there is rising buying appetite, and that holders of our stock aren’t interested in selling at that price.
  2. Ask the wider world to get on board. Launch that effort on or about 9/16/22.
  3. Once the wider world joins in, approach well-heeled investors about leveraging the small float.  The pitch:  if we get all of you to say “yes”, will you invest X in our traded stock, understanding that it’s a buy and hold?
  4. Approach institutional level investors.
    • Traditional investment banks.
    • Crowdfunding platforms.

Important Stuff:  Read our offering circular, and our unaudited six month and audited complete year financial statements.