The thinking behind double stock back

By: Robert Grosshandler | October 23, 2020

Through November 30, stock back is 2X what it was yesterday

One of the challenges with our Pivot Back is how to make our return to the new normal memorable. If you hadn’t noticed, there’s an election going on, a Pandemic affecting all of us, and the general noise of the holiday shopping season has started. Hard to get a word in edge wise these days.

There is lots of reasoning behind this move, but the best, I think, is the fact that doubling something gets attention. Your attention. And, maybe, your friends’ attention, too (go invite a friend and make your company better and stronger).

Because we’ve eliminated the cash back portion of the rebate, every dollar we earn from your shopping now goes to support our growth. You’ll be seeing me talking about Cash Gross Profit again (because the cash we generate, rather than the accounting losses we generate, is what’s important at this stage).

The thinking is really simple. You shop 2300+ stores where you get rewarded with more ownership or at Amazon (where we get a darn good commission). The cash you generate shopping helps us grow. Growing helps our company get stronger. It helps us negotiate better deals to save you money. We all win when somebody buys us, like they bought Honey or eBates.


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Brian Vessells, October 25, 2020 at 2:18 pm

Excellent idea for driving growth

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