What is your Why?

By: Robert Grosshandler | February 10, 2022

Here’s why I continue to invest in iConsumer.  Mostly, it’s because of you, and the opportunity you have to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Sure, you can use a competitor to get cash back.  But that has no magic, no opportunity for an exponential return.  Even if you turn around and invest that cash back into Microsoft stock.  Microsoft’s stock price may go up (or down), but it’s unlikely to double, triple, or go up 400% in the near future.  Or even the far future.  It’s way too big for that to happen. The beauty of a start-up lies in the potential of exponentiality.

Going from 2 to 20 is much easier than going from 2000 to 20000.
The ‘factor’ of change is the same (10X), but the net difference in numbers is wildly different.

Not that I can promise that our stock price will do that.  (Ah, if only I could.)  I’m certainly working towards that positive growth result.  And the reason it could happen is if lots of people start using iConsumer.

If you start or stop using a competitor, nobody’s really going to care.  If you start using iConsumer, start suggesting your friends use iConsumer, and our member numbers grow (possibly exponentially!), the stock price just may follow.  By rights, it should follow.

Back to my investment thesis.  I invest in iConsumer every day.  As you know if you read our SEC filings, most of iConsumer’s expenses are paid for by a separate company that I own.  That company isn’t currently charging iConsumer for anything (but I hope I can change that, sooner rather than later).  Not even my time (if my time is worth anything … we’ll see about that).  That gives you even more leverage.  Every penny iConsumer earns goes into marketing and the overhead of being a “public” company.  On top of that, I can buy our stock in the stock market.  What I don’t do is sell.

Lastly, I wanted to give a shout out to the folks who interact with us in our Facebook group for shareholders.  There was a discussion there about the topic of stock price, and what is the price we use to calculate how many shares you earn.  By law, we are not able to adjust the price we use, but we can (and did!) adjust the number of shares earned to more closely align the value with the average market price of RWRDP. Thanks to the group for your participation & insight from a user perspective!

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