The world we live in

By: Robert Grosshandler | September 04, 2018

iConsumer operates in a very, very big market.  According to Digiday, Forrester (one of the big dogs in the analyst space) predicts the following for 2018: $3.7 Trillion – total retail sales $1.4 Trillion – retail sales influenced by digital $507 Billion – online retail sales $118 Billion – mobile retail sales, 23 percent of … Continue reading The world we live in

Referral Program – Sharing is Caring

By: Kim Logan | July 25, 2018

I grew up the youngest of three kids and my older siblings would definitely tell you I was spoiled.  (Maybe, I was a little!)  As my sister and I were close in age & size, we shared a lot – a bedroom, books, clothes & toys.  We were usually pretty good about it but tantrums … Continue reading Referral Program – Sharing is Caring

Letter from a user

By: Robert Grosshandler | July 13, 2018

For most people, they buy today with the expectation that the price will go up over time, not instantly.  It’s an investment of time as well as money.

Amazon Prime Day and our Stock Price

By: Robert Grosshandler | July 05, 2018

Amazon Prime Day Amazon has very special sales happening July 16.  You can shop at Amazon via iConsumer.  We make great money when you do (in part because Amazon doesn’t allow us to share what they pay us with you). For many companies, the bigger their revenues and profits are, and the faster those are … Continue reading Amazon Prime Day and our Stock Price

Letter from the CEO – May 13, 2018

By: Robert Grosshandler | May 13, 2018

Short and sweet this month.  Four things of note: 1. We’ve filed our newest version of our $15,000,000 offering circular (our 1/A/A) with the SEC.  We anticipate a June or July qualification by the SEC.  Read all about it here.  Highlights include a much more detailed discussion of our intention to build our own blockchain-based … Continue reading Letter from the CEO – May 13, 2018

Raising Money – Bridge Round

By: Robert Grosshandler | May 12, 2018

Growing companies quickly takes cash.  We’re no different.  Because our main way of doing  that is our Reg. A+ offerings, and we’re not going to have an offering qualified by the SEC for some time to come (see this blog post) we’re raising money through a convertible debt offering.  This should provide us enough cash … Continue reading Raising Money – Bridge Round

Share Buy Backs and the 99%

By: Robert Grosshandler | February 27, 2018

In yesterday’s NY Times, there was an article about how the recent change in the tax code is causing some companies to increase their stock buy backs.  We’ve got nothing against buy backs, fwiw, but the article makes the point that this doesn’t help the 99% very much. And that’s one of the biggest reasons … Continue reading Share Buy Backs and the 99%

We’re raising money – Convertible Debt Offering

By: Robert Grosshandler | September 22, 2017

Overview We’re borrowing as much as $1,000,000 from investors.  You can see our offering over at Crowdfunder, a site dedicated to matching accredited investors with companies like iConsumer that need cash to grow. The terms:  $1,000,000 in convertible debt.  Interest at 8%, accrued year one, payable quarterly years two and three. Maturity: 3 years. Convertible … Continue reading We’re raising money – Convertible Debt Offering

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Member Earned Share Issuance

By: Robert Grosshandler | April 09, 2017

Members’ earned shares (as of March 31, 2017) of iConsumer stock are being issued the week of April 9, 2017, and the record keeping for those shares is being transferred to IssuerDirect, our transfer agent. For the moment, there isn’t anything members should do, this is just a “heads up.” In about a week and a … Continue reading Member Earned Share Issuance