$.115,.28,.25,.115,.245,.115,.15,.25,.098 – That’s some excitement

By: Robert Grosshandler | October 6, 2022

Wow. Talk about stock price and volume volatility. All that excitement is motivating members to join. The first four days of October saw new members up 198% over the same period last year. 184 members vs. 98, to be more exact.

Can’t hurt that our stock trading volume is also up.

A Bumpy Ride – To Be Expected

I think the stock price bouncing up to $.28/share last week woke some people up, and they decided to sell. That’s their (and your) right, but I really believe that having the price go up and up and up makes the end result even better – more excitement should translate into more shopping. Said directly: Don’t sell! Help the price go up. Oh, and let friends know that there are unique circumstances about RWRDP.

After all, what other company believes that a rising stock price motivates customers to shop more?

Even if they don’t invest, they can get shares for joining and shopping. They’ll help your stock become more valuable.

Excitement can Lead to Fundamental Change

The end result I think we all want: more people shopping more. Long term, that’s the way we help our stock price goes up and up and up.

Getting Closer Every Day

As I’ve outlined in The Plan, I suspect you could buy the entire float for about $250,000. Every day that people buy, don’t sell (giving the excitement some time to be shared), gets us closer to the price going up and staying up. That’s the hoped for consequence of very little float and being thinly traded. The Gamestop and AMC meme types call this having diamond hands. The crypto junkies call it HODLing.

Share the Opportunity

Remember to earn your $10 and some more stock with every new shopper you recruit.

We’re working to make RWRDP less risky and easier to trade

Right now iConsumer is a wonderfully risky SEC regulated investment, with the potential for commensurate rewards, maybe even outsized rewards. It’s why I use words like hope and believe and may. It is possible that our stock trades (unlike crypto, on an SEC regulated platform) above $4 in the near future, but there are no guarantees. It’s an investment for money you can afford to lose – I’ve suggested the price of a good dinner. Reading the SEC mandated offering circular and audited financials are great ways to understand the risks we’ve already figured out.