308 – It’s a numbers game

By: Robert Grosshandler | July 10, 2022

308 is the number of new shoppers we gained in the second quarter of this year. It’ll change slightly, as slow reporting stores, some travel purchases, and returns get reported to us.


The number of new members we gained in the second quarter.

$75,000 -> $500,000 -> $1,000,000

That’s the estimated increase in value (potential market value of iConsumer) those new shoppers and members brought to iConsumer. Whether or not the stock market recognizes that value currently. Remember when eBates got sold, or Honey was bought by Paypal? Rakuten paid $435 per member, Paypal over $200. Even if they paid $250 per shopper (the $75,000 estimate), it’s a nice number. And here’s why.


That’s approximately the amount of cash we spent in the second quarter to acquire those 2,370 members. Please take note of the fact that the estimated value of the audience we’re building far exceeds the direct cost of building that audience. About $15 per new member, $117 per new shopper, and that’s the key.

Why am I sharing this?

For a bunch of reasons, including:

  • It’s getting time to raise money again, and this week I’m talking to some potential investors. I want them to be able to share this info without fear of sharing “insider” information.
  • I’ve been rather quiet, time to up my communication game a bit.
    • One of the many reasons to be a shareholder in iConsumer is education. If I’m too quiet, not enough education is going on
    • Another reason is simply to build awareness. With the busy world we live in, good news is worth sharing. If I share with you, hopefully you’ll share with others.
  • Our stock price seems a bit stuck. Maybe we can all help unstick it.
    • My theory is that an increasing stock price motivates people to use iConsumer.
    • More people using iConsumer more, in theory, should help the stock price go up.
    • See the first bullet.