Walmart vs. Amazon – More is more

By: Robert Grosshandler | May 11, 2022

In my never ending journey to see if Walmart is a good substitute for Amazon, I’ve made another series of purchases. Unlike one of our more active supporters, who keeps having to buy more diapers, I’m at the other end of the parenting journey. The nest is empty, so it’s now time to fix things up after the kids did their best to make our home look lived in.

It was time for a new lawnmower, and some kitchen lighting (I got to learn all about 24V low voltage lighting which makes my inner nerd very happy). On top of low voltage, we’ve equipped our home with wireless coolness so I can control everything from a foreign land, so I had those parts to buy as well.

And, what do you know, with the exception of one small item, Walmart was the same price, and for most things, the same shipping schedule. Indeed, the lawnmower arrived a day early. Why pay for a gym when you can push 50 lbs. around your yard every week?

How many calories can you burn doing yardwork - infographic

Reporting – that’s where Walmart is shining. I bought some of the stuff yesterday, and today my iConsumer account was credited with all the right information. Way better than Amazon in my book.

I’m missing Amazon less and less.


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Robert Grosshandler, May 12, 2022 at 10:33 am

I’m commenting on my own post with an update. Ordered garbage bags this morning. My life is very dull. Walmart was cheaper than Amazon. Shipping was NOT same day, but fortunately, I was thinking ahead, and didn’t need garbage bags the same day.

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