Amazon June Results

By: Robert Grosshandler | July 15, 2021

Each month we share our Amazon results because how we’re doing at Amazon gives us, and you, insights that we think are valuable. It also gives us a chance to nudge you to use iConsumer when you shop at Amazon. We understand that the fact that Amazon doesn’t give us member by member information sorta sucks. But we hope the fact that they pay us reasonably well for your shopping via iConsumer makes up for that. It helps us, which enriches you.

June 2021 was 134% of June, 2020

Nicely up, but going up more slowly than in prior months. I think we’re beginning to see the end of the pandemic related changes to our results. My theory is that now we’re back to growing more normally. To give that some context, our member count was up 13% (to about 72,000 people) at the beginning of June, 2021, compared to the beginning of June, 2020.

Last month I had also commented on the slowdown in the rate of growth (still growing, just more slowly). As we get bigger, the law of large numbers begins to affect us.

Shopping at Amazon is Valuable

Amazon pays us about 3% in commissions. For every $100 you spend there, we see about $3. That $3 goes to our bottom line. If we had a 47 P/E (like RetailMeNot’s Price to Earnings Ratio was at one point), that $3 turns into $141 of market cap. That is, in that scenario, iConsumer became worth $141 more.

Your shopping at Amazon has the direct ability to affect iConsumer’s stock price.

Market Cap Explained

Market Capitalization in its most rudimentary form is simply the number of shares outstanding multiplied by the price per share. As of this morning, the price per share on the open market is $.10; the number of shares outstanding is 112,975,894. So the Market Cap of your business is $11,297,589.

As always, the lawyers appreciate it when I mention that these numbers are preliminary and subject to change.