Amazon May Results

By: Robert Grosshandler | June 17, 2021

We share these results because how we’re doing at Amazon gives us, and you, insights that we think are valuable. We also want to remind you, using useful information, that shopping at Amazon helps the bottom line. Our bottom line and your bottom line. Shopping at Amazon via iConsumer takes a conscious choice. You have to use or our site or the mobile app for your shopping to count.

May 2021 was 245% of May, 2020

Interesting numbers this month. Last month, we reported that the beginning of May’s growth rate was very strong (up 242%). May ended up with a lower growth rate for the second half of the month. Overall then, we were up 145% for the entire month of May.

245% or 145%, which is it??? Statistics are fun. If our growth were flat (that is, the same year over year), May 2021 would have been 100% of May, 2020. We would have been up 0%. 245% sounds better than 145%, so in our headline above I used the bigger number.

Why the slowdown in growth (even though we still more than doubled our Amazon revenues May over May)? Two reasons we think. First, the second half of May 2020 was very strong, so we had a higher hill to climb to achieve a better growth rate. And, U.S. retail slowed down in May. People started buying vacations and going out to eat, instead of buying stuff from online retailers.

In any other context, being up 145% would still be wonderful. We’re ecstatic that we more than doubled our Amazon revenues in May.

Looking forward to Prime Day

Prime Days – June 21 & 22, 2021

June will be another interesting month. Amazon has announced that June 21 and June 22 are Prime Days. In the past, we’ve seen a substantial positive bump in revenues due to our members shopping on Prime Day. We expect the same this year. But it’ll make the second half of June hard to compare.

Go shop at Amazon and the other 2,300+stores that DO allow us to reward you directly and #GetYourShare. Make sure our numbers are worth comparing!

As always, the lawyers appreciate it when I mention that these numbers are preliminary and subject to change.