Amazon Mid May 2021 Results

By: Robert Grosshandler | May 20, 2021

We share these results because how we’re doing at Amazon gives us, and you, insights that we think are valuable. We also want to remind you, using useful information, that shopping at Amazon helps the bottom line. Our bottom line and your bottom line. Shopping at Amazon via iConsumer takes a conscious choice. You have to use or our site or the mobile app for your shopping to count.

More than tripled, mid May over mid May

Fresh off the presses – this info is as of May 19, 2021. So far in May we all used iConsumer so much that our Amazon revenues were up 242% over last year’s mid May number. That’s more than triple growth. Confused? That’s the fun of statistics. If revenues this year were 100% of last year, that’s staying level; no actual growth. An increase of 100% would mean we doubled. So, a 242% increase in revenues, is more than triple in terms of growth.

Spring time is the perfect time to talk growth. Our Amazon revenues, again thanks to you, are becoming sizable.

Another place they make a real difference is their effect on our bottom line. Unfortunately, we can’t reward members directly for shopping at Amazon (Amazon doesn’t allow it). You own this company. Amazon revenues flow directly to the bottom line. Investors look at the bottom line, and many of them calculate how much iConsumer is worth by multiplying our earnings by some number. That’s called the P/E multiple. A bigger multiple is better. And more E (that’s earnings – effectively our bottom line) will generally result in iConsumer being worth more. And that, in a perfect world, results in a higher price for our stock.

A higher price for our stock is exciting. People are more likely to shop more and tell their friends more when they see our stock price go up. People shopping more means we earn more. Making earnings go up. Just maybe, that makes the stock price go up. People get more excited and I get to use the word more more. And it goes on and on.

To make sure the lawyers are happy, I want to remind you these are unaudited numbers, and Amazon may adjust them at any time (but usually not).

So, go shop at Amazon and the other 2,300+stores that DO allow us to reward you directly and #GetYourShare.