An open letter to my barber

By: Robert Grosshandler | October 21, 2022

My barber was the first person to say “I want to invest in iConsumer”.  When it was finally possible to invest, Masao and Jeanne wrote the first check.  They had never invested in a start up before, I’m not sure if they’d ever invested in the stock market before.

So now they own shares in a publicly traded company who’s last trade was at $.18/share. They paid $.045/share.  Pretty cool.  Maybe they sold (I haven’t asked) and if they sold at a peak, they may have made better than a 10X return on their investment.  Here’s my note to them if they’re still holding.

Dear Masao and Jeanne:

Thanks for the support, and for cutting what little hair I have left so elegantly.  Your investment has gone up, down, and back up again recently.  I’m hoping for more of the same.  We’ve entered the fourth quarter, with a recession looming.  We’re going to be having some interesting times (the Chinese curse-proverb is coming to pass).

Our community is responding to The Plan – helping to get the price of the stock up.  And we’re seeing increased activity (new members, more shopping, all of the hoped-for consequences of that price move).

Stock market activity slowed down this week.  I’m going to be reminding folks that buying our stock in the market should only help our stock price continue to improve.  I’m talking to folks who can help us raise money next year.  It’s amazing how much that world has changed since we dipped our toes in that water at our very beginning.

Have a great Thanksgiving!