CEO Letter – Opportunity Knocks

By: Robert Grosshandler | September 29, 2021


The upcoming fourth quarter could be quite different from last year.  For the past couple of months, I’ve been communicating that several of our efforts were beginning to bear fruit.  The fruit began to ripen in the second half of September.  I’m pleased to convey that, provisionally, our September cash gross profit (revenue minus the cash cost of revenue) looks to be 13X last September’s number.  If stores continue to be happy with us, we expect continued improvement.

Because I want to get detailed advice about this change from friends and advisors, and because I want every investor and prospective investor to be on the same playing field as those insiders, I’m going one step further than normal by sharing actual numbers.  We expect our cash gross profit for September to be on the order of $35,000.  For the first six months of 2021, that number was about $65,000.  I discuss this more fully in my last CEO Letter.

More cash coming in means we’re less reliant on outside investment, and ironically, more likely to be attractive to outside investors.  Thus our thinking that the second quarter 2022 will be a good time to look for more outside investment.


  • Provisional, unaudited results.
  • Some of the improvement began in the second half of September.
  • Some of these revenues are opportunistic, and come from efforts that are not “loyalty” based.
  • Some stores are seeing a radical increase in revenue that is being generated by our efforts.  Stores can be weird.  While we’d hope they’d jump for joy at growth, some may tell us “we’re out of budget” and stop working with us.  If so, our results will be negatively impacted.  
  • Investing in iConsumer is inherently risky.  Read all of our materials, our audited and unaudited financial statements, and our offering (the best place to start), and our disclaimers.
  • These are forward-looking statements.  Life is uncertain, all of this may change without notice to you.
  • My ultimate motive.  While it is practically impossible for me to sell shares in the stock market, I want that to change some day.  I want our stock price to go up, so that when and if it comes time to sell, it’s a much better day. In the meantime, I believe that a rising stock price helps folks decide to use iConsumer to shop.

Your using iConsumer is vital to our success.  Here’s a reminder that our iConsumer Button makes remembering to use us easier, our mobile apps have features that also make it easier to not forget, and if you just want to shop at Amazon or our 2300+ other stores, clicking those links does the trick!



Robert N. Grosshandler
CEO / Co-Founder

iConsumer Corp.