ThinkEquity Conference Recap

By: Robert Grosshandler | May 6, 2019

Last week we had the honor of presenting iConsumer at the ThinkEquity Conference. Companies like ours present at these conferences for two basic reasons.

First, to help support their stock price. Second, to attract new investors. For us, it’s definitely the second reason. As I will keep saying, our stock price going up is lots of fun, and going down not much fun, but it’s not the focus. We’re a long term play. We’re only public because it’s the only way to have 1,000,000 shareholders legally.

One of the things we did is share a PowerPoint presentation. We’ve shared a version of this before, but this one is slightly updated. I’m now sharing it for your late night reading pleasure.

Overall, I’d grade the conference a big success. We have initial interest from several investment bankers and at least one investment principal. Investment bankers are really brokers, not investing their own money. They’re important gatekeepers for money, so getting them interested was important.

As always, these conversations may not go anywhere. But it is always gratifying to have people interested in our business.

How can you help? You can go shop. The more revenue and more active members we have, the better we look. And looks matter at this point.


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