Up, Up and Away

By: Robert Grosshandler | September 30, 2022

It seems like the plan is working, your efforts are bearing fruit. Time for the next phase of The Plan.

I’m asking our members to do more buying of RWRDP in the stock market. Not too much. The price of a dinner. If you’re feeling flush, maybe the price of a good dinner. If it continues to work, and the stock price continues to go up, we’ll be asking again. Right now, I’m hoping for a closing price above $.10/share.


iConsumer members get excited when the price of our stock goes up. They tend to join more quickly, and shop more often.

Your buying our stock in the stock market helps to drive the price of RWRDP up. Up is good.

More members and more shopping are a fundamental change for your company – a healthier, more vibrant, more exciting company. Perhaps best of all, it can help move our stock price up, up and away.

Yesterday, our stock priced ticked up to $.095, the bid / ask moved up (even if the spread increased dramatically) and we had 37 new members join. If each of those members is worth $235 (like they were for Honey), the enterprise value of iConsumer rose $8,700.

Our new member acquisition rate through yesterday is up 4% over August. Our member acquisition costs continue to stay steady or drop.

Since we launched the plan, our stock price is up about 20%.

More is better.

A quick recap. Our stock is thinly traded and has very little float. A little buying goes a long way. My job is to convince much bigger investors they should be interested in iConsumer. A rising stock price is key to that effort. iConsumer can be a self-fulfilling prophecy (higher stock price –> more members –> more shopping –> higher stock price). It’s our members who have to start that ball rolling.

Be able to sleep at night.

Investing in iConsumer is risky. Only risk what you can easily afford to lose. There are no guarantees that the stock price will go up, or that there will be somebody who wants to buy our stock. Read the offering circular, read our financial statements.

On the other hand – being right will be sweet.

When and if your efforts pay off, those 100 shares you probably got just for trying out iConsumer will be easily bought and sold on the stock market, and worth oodles of money. Our explicit goal is $4+ a share (that makes a whole bunch of stock market related things much, much easier).

Don’t forget, you can get paid for helping recruit members. Currently $10 per new shopper.