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Hockey Sticks

By: Robert Grosshandler | November 27, 2020

A graph that moves up and to the right radically is often called a “hockey stick”. The interpretation of a hockey stick graph highly depends on the subject. New infections? A Bad Thing. Stock price or new members? A Good Thing. I’m happy to share some graphs with you. This is not MNPI (material non … Continue reading Hockey Sticks

Amazon Results

By: Robert Grosshandler | November 20, 2020

Here’s our monthly update on Amazon. In October 2020, our revenue increased 41% over the same month last year. This year, Prime Day happened mid-October, whereas last year, it was mid-July, so we hoped for a bit of a bump in the year-over-year comparison. For the first half of November, our revenue is up 114% … Continue reading Amazon Results

Holiday Observations

By: Robert Grosshandler | November 20, 2020

This holiday season is starting out differently. Traditionally, holiday shopping began to show up about the third week of October. It sort of mimicked catalog shopping. And it would more or less end around December 15, to allow USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx to make their deliveries on time. As more and more stores began … Continue reading Holiday Observations

Same data, different numbers

By: Robert Grosshandler | November 09, 2020

This post is just for fun and education. I like to use three different sites to watch the stock price of RWRDP. Normally, they’re exactly the same. Today, not so much. Here’s what ETRADE shows: Here’s what the OTC site shows (it’s my favorite today, any guesses why?): The above image also shows why the … Continue reading Same data, different numbers

Correlation vs. Causation

By: Robert Grosshandler | November 09, 2020

The election season is finally over, holiday season shopping has begun, and my curiousity about our stock price movement and shopping activity is piqued. Does our stock price going up help motivate people to shop at iConsumer? My gut says that it does. That would be causation. We’re more exciting, people like to get in … Continue reading Correlation vs. Causation

Exceptional Info

By: Robert Grosshandler | October 29, 2020

Today we’re diving into the world of “exceptions”. Please forgive our attempt at a pun in this post’s title. Exceptions are just that, exceptions. They are more detail on what a store will (and won’t) pay us for. And if they don’t pay us, you don’t earn stock. And we’re all less happy. We hate … Continue reading Exceptional Info

The thinking behind double stock back

By: Robert Grosshandler | October 23, 2020

Through November 30, stock back is 2X what it was yesterday One of the challenges with our Pivot Back is how to make our return to the new normal memorable. If you hadn’t noticed, there’s an election going on, a Pandemic affecting all of us, and the general noise of the holiday shopping season has … Continue reading The thinking behind double stock back

Pivot Back

By: Robert Grosshandler | October 15, 2020

A return to semi-normalcy On October 22, 2020 we’re going to return to 100% stock back and retire cash back. While the pandemic is still very much all around us, our sense is that a new normal has set in. The election will be over soon, and the stock market is going gang busters. Time … Continue reading Pivot Back

Amazon Results / MNPI / Insider Trading

By: Robert Grosshandler | October 08, 2020

This is a hodge podge of a blog post. All of the ideas are related, though, and it keeps the amount of reading you might want to do down to a minimum. Amazon Results Keeping you up to date on Amazon and our results there. Last month I urged everybody to shop Amazon to double … Continue reading Amazon Results / MNPI / Insider Trading

Response to Reece Mak’s comment on our Escheatment post

By: Robert Grosshandler | October 05, 2020

Reece took the time to comment a couple of times on our Escheatment post (thanks!). Rather than let it get lost in the comments thread, I’m choosing to highlight it here, because I think the comments and responses are educational for all. Reece mentions that the shares you earn from shopping (or you might buy … Continue reading Response to Reece Mak’s comment on our Escheatment post